Mission statement

It struck me that I ought to suffice my republic with an introductory article which reflects the respect I have for any who may happen across or deliberate their attention upon my writing. A whole-hearted piece, viagra generic as opposed to the typical wank off ‘biography’ which drools down the side of most blogs, cialis sales because they are usually disgustingly vulgar in their reflection of a clear solipsist. The only other alternative being within the grounds of a picture being worth a thousand words, though I have no desires for visuals of bloggers actually wanking off. Alas, the experience is seldom lacklustre to be of any difference.

I am just a human being with thoughts and feelings, like any other. I herein shall express to you my unique oblique, as I experience the collection of significant senses and introspections known as consciousness. Ever-present shall be my proclivities in the unwinding of the blurred distinctions in time and space; the critical dissection of purported artefacts of reality; the war report on good sense; and the necessary moral cartography of the human endeavour.

For what I write for our Hiphop scene, it is to begin a thinking, a better thinking, for sakes of progress. I may not make the best judgements or the greatest of words, but it is that I would be so brave as to endeavour that really counts for something. If I were to be completely demolished and proven wrong, for sakes of progress, then I will have achieved something in baiting out that individual who heralds that progress. Positive progress. Whoever wishes to contest me had better have a good grasp of language, because I want this debate to be taken seriously, that it is found and seen to be serious of it’s own existence – no childish squabbling, only perspective, argument and reason. With evidence!

I may occasionally rant and tear in to somebody.

Have at you…



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